Monday, October 31, 2011

Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day

AfricaRice was specially invited by the AUC to the 2011 commemoration of the Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day (AFNSD) on 31 October, where the Director General affirmed the Center’s full commitment to the goals of AFNSD in line with the MoU recently signed with AUC. The 2011 AFNSD was organized by the AUC and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and co-hosted by the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

AFNSD, which was endorsed by the African Heads of State and Governments during the 15th AU Summit, serves as a rallying point for intensifying commitments at all levels to address the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity, and malnutrition on the continent.

The event was inaugurated by Dr Jean Ping, AUC Chairman. In addition to AUC and NEPAD members, representatives from the Agriculture Ministry of Ethiopia, the Government of Malawi, the European Union, UN agencies, AfricaRice and NGOs attended.

The program included an exhibition of publications, posters and multi-media products. A display by AfricaRice showcased a wide range of rice-based food products.