Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 AfricaRice Science Week & GRiSP-Africa Forum

The annual review, reflection and planning event of AfricaRice and partners on rice research and development is set for 9-13 February 2015 at its temporary Headquarters in Cotonou, Benin. 

At least 200 international and national rice research and development partners from the public and private sectors, including representatives of national research and extension programs of 28 African countries are expected to participate in this event. 

The AfricaRice Science Week will once more serve as the Africa-Forum of the Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP), a CGIAR Research Program on rice.

The main objectives of the AfricaRice Science Week & GRiSP-Africa Forum are the following:

  • Carry out effective and efficient planning of research-for-development (R4D) activities in 2015 with partners
  • Strengthen the operationalization of the Rice Sector Development Hub teams in each of the 25 countries through communities of practice and other support mechanisms
  • Review the Country and Hub Vision and Workplans for each of the 25 countries in particular matching the visions with business ideas and dissemination of ‘rice scalable technologies’

The week’s program is designed to achieve the above objectives and optimize collaboration in rice science and dissemination of rice scalable technologies.

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