Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AfricaRice rated as Outstanding by World Bank

As part of its annual evaluation of 15 international Centers belonging to CGIAR) based on performance-linked measurements, the World Bank announced in Jun 2010 that it has rated AfricaRice as 'Outstanding,' in the 2009 Performance Measurement exercise. This is the highest of three performance categories.

The assessment was based on a number of criteria that included results, impacts, quality and relevance of the Center’s research and publications, financial and institutional health, and stakeholder perceptions.
The Performance Measurement System (PMS) is a regular annual feature in the CGIAR monitoring and evaluation system, which provides Centers with a barometer to better gauge their own performance and demonstrate accountability and transparency to their stakeholders. The World Bank uses the performance measurement data as a guideline for allocating part of its funding to the Centers.

Earlier this year, the Director General, Dr Papa Abdoulaye Seck, and the staff of AfricaRice were congratulated by the Board of Trustees for placing the Center on a path of continuous growth as a result of the following achievements:
  • Doubling of the Center’s budget in 2010 compared to 2007, with a significant rise in fund reserves;
  • Increase in recovery of contributions from African member States, which now collectively rank as the number one core donor of the Center;
  • High rate of accession to membership of the Center by African countries in the period 2006-2010 than ever before;
  • Large number of exciting research projects addressing major challenges of rice in Africa, including climate change;
  • Close partnership with national programs, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and advanced research institutions;
  • International recognition such as the Agricultural Merit Order of France and the Merit Order of Senegal presented to the Director General, the CGIAR’s Outstanding Communication and Young Scientist Awards to AfricaRice researchers.
Warmly congratulating the AfricaRice staff for their dedication and performance, Director General Dr Papa Abdoulaye Seck said, “This is a great achievement, but we consider this as just the beginning of our journey towards our goal. So we cannot rest on our laurels.”

Dr Seck also expressed his deep appreciation to all the donors and R&D partners of AfricaRice, particularly the national programs, which work hand in hand with the Center to boost rice production and rural development in Africa.