Friday, July 20, 2012

CGIAR leadership visits AfricaRice

CGIAR Consortium Board Chair and recently-appointed CEO visited Africa Rice Center in Benin yesterday.
Perez del Castillo points to the shift of CGIAR research focus to programs. ‘We have centers working together to tackle the challenges but we need partnerships’, he said during an interview prepared by Africa Rice Center.
‘Without working partnerships we will not have opportunity to deliver on the ground’ he continued as he praised AfricaRice for organizing a meeting with their partners. The Board Chair heard first hand from the partners themselves. ‘It was great to meet the partners here and hear they want research to focus on their needs, they want to have impact on their livelihoods’.
Frank Rijsberman points out in his interview that after years of neglect, finally agriculture is back on the world agenda.
"I found in AfricaRice a healthy Center with clear objectives, an active research environment which fits with the new CGIAR’, he said.
‘After the price hikes we have seen in 2008, we may see them again’  he warns. ‘Corn prices are already climbing….’ and concluded ‘CGIAR has its solid place doing excellent science for a food secure future without wrecking the planet’.
Source : CGIAR