Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New videos on Weed management

Weeds are important constraints for rice production. Effective weed management can increase yields by more than 50%, but usually takes a lot of time. As a farmer it is therefore worthwhile investing in labor-saving weed management tools. 

With support from USAIDAfricaRice has produced a  2-DVD Pack called  ‘Weed Management – Farmer-to-Farmer Instruction Videos on Effective and Labor-Saving Weed Management in Lowland Rice’. The 2-DVD pack contains four videos.  These videos are available in English, French, Portugese, Kiswahili, and Dagbani languages. The following videos in English and French can be watched online:

The DVD also has the technical drawings of different rotary weeder types, line-makers for transplanting and a practical manual on integrated crop management for rice, called PLAR-IRM. 

For copies of the ‘Weed Management’ videos,  please contact Jonne Rodenburg (j.rodenburg at cgiar.org).

AfricaRice has also produced a series of farmer-learning videos on improved rice production methods. These videos are available in several African languages in addition to English and French. 
Click on the following language links to watch rice videos online: 

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