Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GRiSP Director Bas Bouman speaks

GRiSP Director Bas Bouman speaks about the recently held Africa Rice Congress and the forthcoming International Rice Congress.

“So if you know or you may not know, this year in October we will organize the International Rice Conference, it will be held in Bangkok,  October 27-31,  and it is  a truly  global event. It will follow up last year on the International Rice Conference in Africa at Africa Rice Congress where about 600 people of the African continent came together to discuss rice science and development. Now we move to Bangkok, not to discuss only Asia, activities, problems, issues, but we will be talking globally. So we hope that lots of people, not only from Asia but also from Africa, Latin America, Europe, United States, wherever they are, who are engaged in Rice Science and development to come and meet and join us in Bangkok in October this year. “

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