Wednesday, October 8, 2014

AfricaRice App becomes Mobile App of the Week

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

Infinite Monkeys, has announced today that AfricaRice is the company’s “App Of The Week” for Sept. 28th - Oct. 4th. 

Each week Infinite Monkeys selects one app from the thousands published with their free app maker platform. This app was chosen because it is a great example of the quality, beauty and usefulness that mobile apps can bring to a traditional community.

With more than 1 Billion smartphones now active in the world, and 84% of those users accessing the Internet via their smartphone everyday, the base of potential mobile users for AfricaRice is massive and growing by the day. 

This app has about 16 links to social media and different content sections. Users can check out their About Us section, Job Openings, and an extensive list of their organization’s Contact Details.

This app also has a link to their Slideshare account where users can view presentations on topics like Agircultural Innovations and technology. Users can also check out their Publications and download their most recent Research and Development strategies in boosting Africa’s Rice Sector.

It’s also got a link to their Podcast, Videos and Photo Gallery. Users can also find relevant News about latest technologies that could help rice farmers increase their production. Quick links to their Facebook page and Twitter account are also included in this app.

AfricaRice is a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone and HTML5 compatible smartphones. 

To download the AfricaRice app for your mobile phone, go to:

To learn more about AfricaRice please visit:

To stay connected with AfricaRice, see mobile site :

Download the App or just type on any mobile browser and then save to bookmarks.

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