Friday, June 3, 2016

IESA students selected for Harvard University Leadership Summit 2016 visit AfricaRice HQ

Students from the International English School of Abidjan (IESA) visited AfricaRice Headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire on 2 June 2016 to gain a broad knowledge of how AfricaRice contributes to food security and sustainable agriculture through its research, development and partnership activities.

The delegation included 10 IESA students (Kenneth Kouadio, Godwin Delaney, Golda Anderson, Tinan Diama, Isaac Kone, Ally Diabi, Yemima Benie, Lesly Grattie, Ananya Misra and Godfred Delaney),  who have been selected to take part in the Harvard University Leadership Summit 2016. The students were accompanied by the International Programs Coordinator Anjolie Okoye and IT Officer Kwame Dwumah of IESA.

The students were shown videos on AfricaRice activities and were given a guided tour of the information display at the headquarters. They asked many pertinent questions on food security and climate change and were keen to know how youth can become interested in agriculture. They inspected the seed of different rice varieties, including ARICAs, NERICAs and Sahel rice varieties developed by AfricaRice and its partners. AfricaRice publication CDs and a children’s book “The Secret of NERICA” were distributed to them.

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